Frequently  Asked Questions

How do I reserve a party?
You can contact Once Upon A Dream Parties at (864)421-2472, stop by our party venue located at 1099 East Butler Road Suite 106 in Greenville, or by using our contact form on this website. We suggest that you call us first to see if the date is available. Parties are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to the popularity of our parties, it is recommended to book your party 6-8 weeks ahead of time, that will give you a better chance of getting your desired princess at the time and date you'd like.

There is a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve your party. This guarantees your party time and details in our calendar when you book. For Parties held in our venue, there is a $100.00 non-refundable deposit. All deposits are applied to your final invoice and the remaining balance is due on the day of your party.

Final payments are due no later than the day of your party, and we only accept cash or money order off site on the day of your event. If you book a party with us, yet fail to make your deposit within 24 hours of speaking with us, we re-open your spot, and make it available to be booked by someone else. If you still wanted to book with us, you will need to re-book with us according to availability. At that time you would need to make the deposit that same day. Due to demand we are unable to hold spots for anyone longer than 24 hours.

How do I make a deposit?
Deposits can be made by in person or over the phone by debit, credit, cash or money order. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please make all money orders payable to Once Upon A Dream Parties. Call or e-mail us with any questions regarding your deposits at 864-421-2472

How far do you travel?
We will travel up to 35 miles for events with no travel charge to you. Any parties located between 35 miles to 45 miles from us have a $25.00 trip charge. We determine mileage via Yahoo maps, and are located in Greenville, SC. Any parties located between 45 miles and 60 miles from us have a $50.00 trip fee. We do not usually travel over 60 miles for events.

Do you entertain at parks or other venues besides houses?
Yes! We have an event/party venue where we can host your party and take care of all the work! We can also travel to any type of venue your party is located at. Some venues have their own restrictions and guidelines, so please check if your venue allows outside entertainment before booking with us. 

What do you bring with you to the parties?
We bring everything needed to conduct the activities included in your selected package. Each package is different, so we bring different things to every party. If you selected a package with games, we will bring everything needed for all the games we play. We also provide a CD player and the music we will need for your party. The face paint that we supply is of course child friendly, non-toxic, high end professional paint and glitter. We also supply our own storybook for story time, as well as crafts that are catered to both girls and boys. If you select a party which includes prizes, we provide three prizes to every child, accommodating both girl and boy!

What should the girls wear to the party if I order a dress up package?
The dresses we supply are meant to be worn over the clothes of the children. It is best if you have your guests wear a leotard and shorts, tank top and shorts, or tights, anything that makes the dresses fit easier over the clothes. We have a variety of dress sizes, and our collection of dresses are absolutely beautiful.

What can I do to make sure the day goes as smoothly as possible?
Try to get the kids ready and get them together right before the character arrives, so she can get into the activities with the children right away.  Arrange for the eating time to be either before or after the character visit. (If pizza arrives at the same time the princess arrives, the two conflict with each other). Have an outlet available for us to use for our radio. If there is not one available close to where you are having us do the activities, please supply an extension cord for us. That way we can have the music while we are doing games etc. And last but not least have your cameras ready throughout the party, you don't want to miss any special moments of your daughter with our princesses!

When do the hour/two hours for my party begin?
Your party time begins when the princess enters.

What time should the guest arrive?
The party should begin at least 15-30 minutes before the princess arrives. This leaves enough time for all the guests to arrive before she makes her entrance.

Can we have the party outside?
If it is a reasonable temperature the party can be held outside. The princess wig and costume can become very hot, so if it is warmer than 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the party will have to be inside.

What if I have boys invited to my party?
We accommodate boys as well. We have boys dress-up, arts and crafts, and goodie bags. Please let us know in advance if boys will be attending, so we can bring what is needed.

I am often asked about wording on invitations, so I have included the following:

Birthday Invitation Etiquette for Child Parties

Parents: Should they stay or should they go?

 Depending on you and your party, you may want the parents to either attend with their children or to just drop them off. The question is, how do you pass on that information politely and what limits should you expect to set on those parents. You can suggest on your invitation for parents to not attend, by including wording such as Parents welcome to drop off or stay.  Please pick your child up at (time). This will help make parents feel comfortable to drop off or stay if they choose. . However it's also fine to include wording that encourages parents to stay, such as Parents welcome to attend, Separate Refreshments Available for Parents, or something along those line.

Siblings are they automatically invited?
As parents, we hate to see any of our children feeling left out of something fun, such as a birthday party. However, we have to realize that birthday invitations are meant for the invitee only (unless otherwise specified on the invitation) and possibly a parent. Imagine what would happen if every invited person to a party showed up with all of their siblings-the poor party host would run out of refreshments and sanity pretty fast! With that said, many parents will bring younger siblings to parties if they are planning to stay at the party, too. This is why I strongly suggest sending out the invitations early enough so you can request an RSVP, preferably by email or phone so you can contact the person directly to make sure you know how many people will be attending.

It's a little more work for you now, but you wont have any surprises on the day of the party. While there's no polite way to exclude siblings on the invitation, if you're throwing a party and have to pay per guest fee then you could specify We are only allowed 15 guest so please let us know as soon as possible if (Name) will be able to attend. In this way, you are letting the parents know that there is a limit on the number of guests you can have without specifically saying leave your other kids at home.